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BrandVue Eating Out

Data at your fingertips

Who is winning the hearts of American diners?

Want to manage your brand’s health and reputation effectively? You need brand tracking and monitoring to know how it’s perceived.

Want to create better customer experiences? You need to know how customers feel.

Want to gain the edge on your competition? You need to know how your company stacks up. Here’s how…

Our approach

Our BrandVue tool places brand market research insights for all Eating Out brands at your fingertips. It captures data across critical marketing and company performance, and covers reputation topics, including market intelligence, audience understanding, brand performance, marketing performance, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

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BrandVue benefits

Build market intelligence

Track and share your great work. Understand your sector, beyond your brand. Who’s in growth or decline? What are the key trends? Where are your opportunities and threats?

Improve audience understanding

Win more share of spend from your competitors. What makes your customers unique? Identify top line demographics, media consumption, content types, social media usage, hobbies, and interests.

Improve brand performance

Prove business value to internal and external stakeholders. Plot where you and your competitors are positioned in the market. Monitor and measure brand perceptions, awareness, familiarity, advantage, and brand affinity.

Drive marketing performance

Track saliency measures in-line with activity. If and how is your brand being heard or seen? How are brand perceptions shifting? Demonstrate value of media spend by tracking positive (and negative) buzz, advertising awareness, and spontaneous awareness.

Improve customer acquisition

Unearth what prospective customers want and where they’re shopping. Identify opportunities to drive efficiency in your customer journey through adoption funnel analysis, brand mapping, and spontaneous awareness positioning.

Maximize customer retention

How often are your customers returning to you? And how can you get them to do it more often? We help you understand your brand perception and where you stand out by analyzing your customer experience, customer satisfaction (online and in-store), net promoter score (NPS), and lapsed customers.

How it works

Highly reliable data

With over 1 million interviews every year, daily quotas are set to ensure nationally-representative research samples and provide weekly representation of large and niche brands.

Detailed insights

The 15-minute questionnaire is accessible to respondents on all digital devices and has a built-in facility to include ad-hoc trigger questions, helping to provide industry trend reports in record time.

User friendly dashboards

The BrandVue online dashboard compiles all survey data in real-time to deliver accurate, up-to-date information in an easy-to-use format.

Bespoke reporting

The BrandVue dashboard can be customized to your needs, including key demographic group focus, non-competitor brand exclusion, peer spotlighting, and bespoke break inclusion.

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BrandVue: data at your fingertips

A brand intelligence platform for strategy, marketing and insight teams.

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BrandVue Essentials

BrandVue Essentials is a fast, cost effective way to access up to six months of consumer trend data, across key industry sectors. It empowers you to make business decisions by putting the data in your hands.

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  • BrandVue additions: data, analysis and synthesis bolt-ons

We offer a range of additional data, analysis and synthesis bolt-ons to provide you with additional insight and understanding.

If you have ad-hoc data needs, but you don’t have the time to explore BrandVue, we can run analysis, data tables, and output slides for you, freeing up your time – we’re all give!

We offer full customer or prospect profiling to aid targeting and acquisition. Spanning attitudinal and behavioral dimensions, our data points include category trends, media and tech consumption, hobbies, and interests.

While BrandVue can pick up the impact of individual marketing campaigns, it can also be beneficial to run additional research to understand campaign response. This covers digital, TV, outdoor, and radio campaigns with benchmarking and recommendations.

Invaluable at enhancing the power of BrandVue, a deep dive explores key strategic challenges, spanning customer, brand, or category topics. Highly conversational debrief sessions provide directional and commercial insights.

We can add additional brands into the BrandVue survey if they are coherent with the rest of the program. We can also amend color schemes on your dashboard for key brands, to match the needs of your insight and marketing teams.

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