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How to consult with local residents and businesses?

Olly Wright EVP, Public 03/30/2022

Local Government Research

Research among the public and businesses is an essential part of a local council’s planning and prioritisation. Effective consultation is necessary for a council to make informed decisions about the best way forward for its residents and local businesses.

We have extensive experience conducting research amongst hard-to-reach audience groups, which might bring specific considerations or sensitivities

Here at Savanta we help councils undertake engagement and consultation supporting your goals and objectives in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Housing and regeneration
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Health and social care
  • Climate action and sustainability
  • Placemaking
  • Budget prioritisation
  • Communication development and message testing
  • Consultations with residents and businesses
  • Future strategic priorities

Our free guide highlights how we can help you to consult with local residents and businesses, including:

  • How can we work with you?
  • Quantitative research capabilities
  • Qualitative research capabilities
  • Inclusivity for vulnerable and niche audiences
  • Case studies highlighting our recent work
  • Reporting and deliverables

Download our guide to help you make better decisions about the best way forward for residents and local businesses

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