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Media strategy research

The media landscape is being reshaped by innovative ideas and substantial shifts. Our media strategy research services equip your brand with in-depth insights into these changes, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Our approach

We simplify the process of understanding your audience. We delve into who they are, their preferences, and their content interaction patterns.

For broadcasters and producers, we provide essential support to help you cater to your audience's needs and devise an intelligent media planning strategy rooted in valuable insights. Our media strategy research aids in drawing in new viewers and maintaining their engagement with appropriate content. Additionally, we help you deliver maximum value to media owners and prospective business collaborators.

But our assistance doesn't stop there. We also facilitate ways for you to monetize your content, substantiating your media buying strategy by:

  • Showcasing the tangible value of your audience to potential business partners.
  • Discovering what consumers are ready to pay for accessing content via various direct-to-consumer pricing models.

With our bespoke media research insights, you can sculpt a media strategy that optimizes the value you derive from your content.


Targeting Growth Segments

We assist you in identifying areas with potential for growth and guide you on how to connect with new audiences.


Maximizing audience engagement

Gain insights into what content resonates with your audience and why. Discover ways to enhance and fine-tune engagement strategies.


Optimizing content strategy

Delve into the specific role of content within your channel ecosystem. Experiment with new content and positioning strategies.


Measuring content value

Evaluate the value of key channels and content through metrics like subscription uptake, viewer acquisition, and their impact on brand equity and perception.


Identifying ideal price points

Understand the sensitivity of pricing for new offerings and propositions.

Research benefits

Audience Segmentation

Dive into your audience's preferences and behaviors. Use this information to shape your media planning and strategy, focusing on segments that offer promising growth opportunities.

Driving Growth Through Acquisitions

Identify opportunities to introduce new products or refine existing ones. Attract fresh customers and foster stronger advocacy.

Driving acquisitions

Discover opportunities to offer new products – or make tweaks to existing ones. Attract new customers and improve advocacy.

Increasing Your Content's Value and Revenue

Determine the most effective ways to monetize different components of your product portfolio. Identify which elements provide the highest value and explore strategies such as increasing advertising returns or implementing direct-to-consumer payment models.

Research methods

Content & pilot testing

Content & pilot testing

Communication effectiveness

Communication effectiveness

Campaign evaluation

Campaign evaluation

Creative development

Creative development

Digital ad performance research (DAP)

Digital ad performance research (DAP)

Sponsorship evaluation

Sponsorship evaluation

Case studies

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