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User experience research

User experience research helps you get to know your users, empathize with them and create a stickier user base anywhere on Earth.

Our approach

The sweet spot between market research, user research, and design research is where Savanta combines powerful human insight with actionable strategies to create cutting-edge technological innovation to help you adapt, evolve, and grow.

As part of our our approach to user experience research we design bespoke methodologies to meet your objectives, create all of the materials, from screeners to (remote-specific) guides, and adapt them to the local culture. After fieldwork is complete all global findings are distilled into high-quality actionable reports supported by valuable ethnographic assets, straight from the field.

We then create bespoke workshops to immerse your team in our findings and help you understand, prioritize and implement them into your business strategy. We empower you to assess any further research needs.


Exploring new terrain

Exploratory and foundational research that allows you to understand a segment of the population or a product niche, to prepare for next steps


Investigating your current surroundings

Brand trackers to user journey explorations, everything you need to understand what’s happening right now


Generating, filtering, and refining ideas

Co-creation, ideation, and innovation with your stakeholders and your users, followed by Proof of Concept and concept testing


Building, evaluating, and preparing for launch

Prototyping, wireframe exploration, creative mock testing, alpha and beta tests, and rigorous product and feature testing to get things just right


Looking to measure post-launch success

Implementation and iterative testing of solutions, ongoing measurement of effect and value

Research benefits

Keep users coming back for more

Create and enhance innovative, impactful, and inspired digital products that not just meet but exceed the expectations of the users that matter the most

Achieve a deep understanding

Our collaborative user research doesn’t stop at the report, or at a single project - we immerse you in findings and offer ‘what next’ solutions to build and execute research programs

Collaboration to achieve actionable deliverables

We work with you to design anything from bespoke stakeholder workshops to co-create solutions, to service design-oriented roadmaps.

Seamless cultural translation

Adapting products and services to new cultures so that users experience them as if they had been designed in and for their language and culture

Holistic insight

Because of Savanta’s extensive experience across research functions, we can link your user insights to those around brand, pricing, feature optimisation, and much more.

"I would definitely recommend Savanta for any research work. I’ve worked with them multiple times on large and small projects, and they always go above and beyond, even at the proposal stage to win our work in the first place. I wouldn’t hesitate to send our next brief to them."

Avanti West Coast

"TPE have partnered with Savanta for over a decade , the research Savanta provides us with focuses on key business metrics for maintaining and improving the customer experience, Savanta have been fantastic to work with and provide rich insights for us to analyse and derive improvements. Savanta are proactive in their approach, forward thinking and know our market, we very much enjoy working with Savanta on research to improve our experience, the team always go above and beyond to assist us in our research."

Transpenine Express

"You guys (the whole team) are brilliant – very responsive, very helpful and so delivery-focused. It’s a real pleasure working with you."


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