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Data analysis & visualization

Dynamic data that delivers. Our data analysis service speaks for itself. With colorful visuals, supported by hard numbers, that tell the real story. We tailor dashboards to the format you need, creating bespoke visualizations and complex statistical analysis to bring your market research data to life. Giving you maximum opportunities to unearth ground-breaking insights.

Our approach

We always connect insight to business strategy. Experts in unlocking the value of data, we drive business-relevant insights and provide lasting solutions. Our aim, to help clients build knowledge, understanding, and strategies through informed decision making.

Every picture tells a story. That’s why dashboards are a vital way of capturing market research data collection findings. Our dashboards are powered by Savanta's AllVue, and are a fully white-labeled solution, capable of visualizing client data in real-time. The customized build provides detailed, top line views, while fully accommodating supplementary historic and client database data. We leverage data sets from internal or external sources and use a range of tools and technologies to provide a range of data outputs and complex analysis; adding value to insight and bringing clarity to research findings with data analytics.

If dashboards aren't a requirement we’ll work with you to deliver results that can inform, delight and challenge - utilizing PowerPoint and infographics to video and animated data visualization. Customizable, bespoke reporting ensures insights are valuable to all internal stakeholders and clients. It’s storytelling at its best.

Research benefits

Dynamic data and insights

Providing dynamic data collection and analysis in a tailored format, to provide you with the maximum opportunity to find ground-breaking insights.

Access data 24/7

We provide fully customizable online dashboards, allowing you to stay up to date with projects in real-time.

Creativity in findings

We introduce a structure to standard presentations, making a huge difference to the findings you and your stakeholders receive and the insights they provide.

Power of storytelling

Telling great stories is an art form. We don't just present rafts of data. We utilize storytelling to communicate the value of your research in a way that really engages you and your audiences to help drive action.

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Data collection

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