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Consumer packaged goods market research

High inflation, regulation, changing consumer behavior and a hyper-competitive channel landscape. The consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry is going through seismic change. And that’s before you’ve had your breakfast cereal!

Cutting-edge CPG market research will help you stay competitive and authentic, while providing real value and building agile brands that leave a lasting impression.

Our approach

By understanding customer needs, behaviors and motivations, you’re giving your brand the best chance of success in this diverse, ever-evolving market.

With a deep appreciation of what it takes to build CPG brands, our team are experts in brand marketing, customer strategy and innovation. We advise on all areas of the marketing mix – putting your customer right at the heart of your decision making and clearly defining your unique point of difference.

If you’re looking for a team of CPG research experts ready to help you build and manage brands in a way that leads to sustainable and incremental growth, we’re right here!

How we help

Understand your target market

Map-out how and why businesses buy solutions. What triggers the need? Who’s involved? What matters to them? Where do they look? And who do they trust?

Develop compelling products and services

From identifying unmet needs and co-creating new solutions, to testing and refining existing late-stage concepts, we can supercharge the success of your next product or service.

Enhance your branding

Where is your brand now and where do you want to take it? We help you align internal and external perceptions. Attractive, achievable and ownable. It’s where you want your brand to be. Track progress, optimize initiatives, build business cases, and course correct.

Optimize marketing communications

Are you relevant to your audiences? Do your messages resonate? We can develop, test and optimize marketing communications to capture attention within your target market. Craft compelling thought leadership material that prompts deep thinking by following Savanta’s Seven Rs.

Case studies

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