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Fast-food restaurant

Optimising in-store execution

Our client is a leading fast-food company with restaurant chains across the globe.

The brand needed to understand customer reactions to its new product offering and restaurant layout.

The Challenge

Sales data only was only telling our client part of the story.

When a new product is launched, or restaurant layout changed, there is no substitute for understanding consumer response in-restaurant. Experience, brand perception and future purchase intent all need to be measured in order to fully understand the success of in-restaurant innovation.

Research provides a holistic understanding of the reasons for success, as well as specific guidance where there is room for optimization.

Our approach

We measured customer feedback for every new product launch in store; measuring across a variety of sites on multiple days to gain a wide spread of responses and experiences.

We intercepted customers in store who may or may not have purchased the test product, to understand their in-restaurant experience, as well as barriers and drivers to this, and future, purchases.

We evaluated key parameters such as temperature, quality, and taste and benchmark against a bespoke client database, to understand how good is good enough.

The outcome

Regular feedback on customer experience has helped our client see consecutive quarters of growth over the last 2 years.

This research has enabled them to optimise their proposition and in store execution with each promotional window, as well as delivering on-going insight into customer experience.

Our focus on delivering not only key findings, but also actionable insights and recommendations, ensures ROI is delivered from each research wave.

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