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Building engagement to build Attitudinal Loyalty

In a price-driven and discount heavy sector, helping Gousto build engagement with customers to test new initiatives, drive less customer churn and build higher long-term value.

The Challenge

Gousto has achieved phenomenal growth in a short period of time. However, vouchers and discounts are an important part of encouraging trial.

The focus is to increase retention among newer customers beyond the discount trial – by building loyal connections and making sure customers feel rewarded for using Gousto whilst paying a higher price.

Our approach

An iterative insight programme was developed across 3 phases, comprising 1) a qualitative ‘exploration’ of customer attitudes and usage, 2) a qualitative ‘refinement’ of new tactics and concepts to drive loyalty, and 3) a quantitative ‘test and validate’ phase to quantify feedback to final iterations of developed concepts.

The outcome

Recommendations from this insight programme are being used to iteratively build new customer facing concepts to incentivize customers and build long term attachment. Bringing this back to growing business outcomes and growing long term engagement has engaged stakeholders and inspired new action and decision-making.

This has really allowed us to understand what is most valuable and motivating for customers. This has been a huge help in defining our route in how we’ll reward loyalty at Gousto.

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