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innocent drinks

Providing contextual direction

innocent drinks make quirky smoothies and juices that are sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets.

The innocent journey began in 1999, after the 3 founders began selling the smoothies at a music festival; fast-forward to 2019 and the company now sells more than two million smoothies per week.

The Challenge

The innocent team had been exploring product innovation ideas for mid / long-term NPD activity.

Although very much at the ‘sketched out’ ideation phase, the business was nervous about ‘killing’ any idea, even those fairly left-field – prior to some degree of customer/prospect input.

Whilst the primary focus was the smoothie’s category, scope existed to broaden activity across other innovation areas – once proof of concept and true business value had been proven.

Our approach

A ‘pop-up’ community approach was employed to facilitate the customer ideation process.

We developed a digital forum within which all participant activity (written response and rich media uploads – photos, videos, etc), could be instantaneously captured and later examined.

The outcome

This delivered a consumer forum through which initial NPD ideas could be explored, further shaped or rejected – in a lean, agile, fashion – supplying innocent with the necessary insight rigour and richness of customer feedback.

Ultimately, the research provided direction on which propositions were most likely to succeed – as well as identifying those that may need some revising. It ensured limited NPD resource could be efficiently invested in the areas most likely to deliver success.

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