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Our client is a leading broadcaster and television network, who whilst not immediately associated with the wealthy, have considerable penetration with this global audience.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to boost their appeal as an advertising platform for luxury and wealth management brands around the world.

However, without a clear premium brand positioning and point of differentiation, our client couldn’t prove or articulate their relationship with HNWIs. Therefore, they couldn’t always persuade advertisers of the prestige nature or status of their audience.

Our approach

To assess views of our client’s brand and compare it with its competitors, we interviewed HNWIs across a number markets.

These included key wealth hubs where our client broadcasts, including the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Russia, as well as some more esoteric markets where the wealthy are very difficult to access (e.g. Nigeria and Indonesia).

We took a mixed methodology approach to ensure we took into account local cultures and nuances.

The outcome

By understanding how and why HNWIs use our client’s platforms, and their views of them vis a vis competitors, we were able to map the market landscape and identify the advantages and opportunities our client has among this wealthy audience. Campaigns were developed to address the gaps we highlighted, and to exploit the opportunities we uncovered.

Following a series of presentations and workshops to disseminate our findings, our client produced various guides for their sales teams to use when speaking with potential advertisers.

Specifically, they now have in place a coherent strategy to both attract a larger market share of HNWs and to increase cross platform usage, building on their excellent reputation among the global wealthy.

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