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Will Blackett, EVP, Consumer

The new generation of food and drink products is being driven by heightened attention to health and the link between what we consume and our physical and mental wellbeing.

We’re leaning towards healthier food products, vegan options, low-sugar and low-fat. In the drinks sector we have plant based, alternative milks, low sugar and alcohol free. Street food is changing the way we eat out while Deliveroo, Just Eat and other have made staying in easier than ever. New entrants and disrupters are flooding the space and the fittest survive. For the more established companies within the food, drink & hospitality sectors it is essential to stay relevant as audiences’ needs change and evolve; which is where our expert market research services can help your business to make smarter decisions.

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How we help clients

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

Brand strategies

Identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core consumers and customers. Through this process, get your teams to prioritise your brand’s key fortresses – areas of strength that are central to your value proposition - whilst editing down or editing out secondary features.

Become more customer-centric

Customer strategies

Get close to your target audience using a combination of qualitative exploration and robust market analysis to bring customer profiles to life for your teams. Work with us to design and embed a bespoke audience segmentation, helping teams within your business to align decision making around the needs of your core target audiences.

Launch successful products & propositions

Proposition and innovation testing

We help you identify and explore new opportunities to understand what resonates most amongst your target audience. Profile existing products against competitors to uncover the white spaces. Whether it’s an early stage idea or a prelaunch concept, we design studies that integrate multiple sources of insight to help you build winning propositions.

Develop and refine existing products

Product refinement

Test the effect of changing your existing products in ways that make them cheaper to produce without alienating regular users. Better promote your products using evidence-based claims, collected through research. Ensure that product delivery and satisfaction align with user expectations to encourage higher repeat rates and better overall sales.

Local managers are empowered to use restaurant-level feedback to guide their teams in improving the guest experience and directly drive revenue."
Insight Manager, Wagamama


Introducing BrandVue Eating Out

Tracking a range of metrics for restaurant brands in the UK and the US in our always-on restaurant tracker.

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