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Engage with decision makers. Key to the success of business to business (B2B) engagement is high quality target audience research. The kind that captures the views of exactly the right business decision-makers. After all, you can only make informed, accurate decisions if you have reliable, quality information. We’ll help you engage with the right audience in the right way.

Our approach

Want to speak to the CEO of a FTSE 100 company? A small business owner? An IT Director?

No worries! We’ve been conducting B2B audience research for decades and have extensive access to business decision makers across all key markets, sectors, roles, levels of seniority and business size.

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business decision makers

Global network

We regularly speak to business decision-makers in over 100 markets worldwide. Our multinational project experience means we can conduct interviews in local languages and understand the best way to engage individuals in different markets.


Bespoke audience access

Looking to gather in-depth quality feedback or gather hard numbers? Our bespoke audience access means we can use our networks to pinpoint the business decision makers you need to speak to.


Panel solutions

Our panel solutions provide unparalleled speed and ease of access to your target audience through a single point of contact. We can reach an impressive 100,000 business decision-makers in over 95 markets . Our proprietary business research panel, combined with access to partner panels, receive rigorous checks to ensure your decisions are based on the highest quality audience data.


Community spirit

We treat our members with the upmost respect. Our community management team take a holistic approach to panel care and our mission is to bring the voice of student, university and graduate population into the boardroom.

Research benefits

We’ll help you engage with the right audience in the right way.

Speak to the right people at all levels

Our rigorous checks and validations ensure we’re speaking to the right person, with the right experience and expertise. It’s no mean feat – especially at senior levels. Rather than having to source them cold, our established networks mean we can speak to business decision makers to gain rapid access to key insight.

High quality, considered insights

It’s quite a skill knowing how to engage busy decision makers – and get past their assistants! Luckily, we’ve got decades of target audience research experience in interviewing senior decision makers. From the initial conversation, through to interview or survey, we’ll ensure you receive the B2B insights you need.

Quickly access the right audience

We know how long it can take to find the right participants – rather than having to source them ‘cold’, our networks and solutions mean you can speak to business decision makers and access the insight you need quickly.

Research methods





Secondary research

Behavioural science

Behavioural science

Audience expertise


Engage with decision makers. Key to the success of business to business (B2B) engagement is high quality target audience research.


High quality data is at the heart of great decision making. We ensure you’re researching the consumer market in a way that’s on-brand and engaging.


Considering their spend and potential, the High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) audience is vital to understand for luxury, high-end brands. Access precious insights into this small but diverse group.


From Westminster to Brussels understanding the ever-evolving political landscape is key to your reputation, policy positioning and engagement activities.

Higher education

From applicants to students and graduates and an unsurpassed youth and student research panel,
we provide target audience research for further and higher education specialist audiences.


It’s easy to homogenise the youth of today. Diverse, culturally aware and tech savvy, we help you expose the diverse interests and opinions of the younger generation.

Case studies

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CitrixMaximising marketing

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Matchtech GroupMaintaining the house of brands

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"Savanta did a fantastic job in getting to understand a complex set of audiences and delivered well-thought through, relevant and actionable findings. We asked them to present to our senior team, who were delighted with the outputs. We’d be more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking to gain thorough insights into their wider market."


"Savanta have been a valued research partner to Heathrow since 2015, delivering research among a wide range of public and stakeholder audiences. We greatly value the flexibility and agility they bring, which allows us to respond to fast-changing organisational requirements."


“Most importantly, Savanta delivered the independence and professionalism required to ensure views were represented fairly and accurately and that the leadership team at Nominet were able to engage with the process and understand the feedback received.”

Featured Reports
Eco Index 2021: Will the Covid-19 recovery be green?
Following on from last year’s inaugural survey, Savanta’s latest Eco Index report reveals where people stand on key environmental issues and what action they want to see.

Download the report below.
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