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BrandVue Wealth

Want to measure how well your marketing is putting your brand in a position to ease conversion from that recommendation? Want to understand how to target your efforts most effectively?

Improve your brand awareness and aspirational perceptions with BrandVue Wealth – providing data at your fingertips. BrandVue Wealth covers key financial services and wealth management brands, capturing the views, insights and trends of 2,000 of the UK’s highest earners each year.

Our approach

BrandVue Wealth is a unique audience and brand tracker tool. Its in-depth nature enables us to provide detailed market research and analysis, providing insight across investment and advice.

Our BrandVue Wealth dashboard gives you key industry trend reports and offers clarity on exactly what drives brand performance amongst your key target – the future wealthy. It’s a cost-effective way to access this niche audience for your brand and competitors from a sector specific survey.

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UK’s highest earners interviewed annually
leading wealth management & investment brands
brand metrics
  • How it works

BrandVue Wealth surveys 2000 of the top 3% of UK earners each year earning.

This allows us to cover the current and future wealthy from sources including entrepreneurs, senior managers/directors in large and medium business, and professional services.

Our sample is stratified by personal income to enable market sizing and we quota on gender, age and UK region to allow profiling of targets

The survey covers brand performance, audience understanding, explores marketing performance, and tells you how well your customer acquisition programme is performing.

The BrandVue online dashboard compiles all survey data in real-time to deliver accurate, up-to-date information in an easy-to-use format.

The BrandVue dashboard can be customised to your needs, including key demographic group focus, non-competitor brand exclusion, peer spotlighting, and bespoke break inclusion.


Build market intelligence

Track and share your brand work. Understand your sector, beyond your brand. Who’s in growth or decline? What are the key trends? Where are your opportunities and threats?

Improve audience understanding

Understand your current and future prospects. What makes your brand unique to them? Identify demographics, media consumption, content types, social media usage, hobbies and interests.

Improve brand performance

Prove business value to internal and external stakeholders. Plot where you and your competitors are positioned in the market. Measure brand perceptions, awareness, familiarity, advantage, brand affinity and image.

Drive marketing performance

Track saliency measures in-line with activity. If and how is your brand being heard or seen? How are brand perceptions shifting? Demonstrate value of media spend by tracking positive (and negative) buzz, advertising awareness, and spontaneous awareness.

Improve client acquisition

Unearth what your prospects want and who is currently serving them. Identify opportunities to drive efficiency in your customer journey through adoption funnel analysis, brand mapping and the brands they aspire to work with.

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BrandVue: data at your fingertips.

A brand intelligence platform for strategy, marketing and insight teams.

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