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Who are the customers of tomorrow?

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Zoe Davies Senior Executive 06/07/2022

Zoe Davies and Matt Thomas share findings, first presented at The Financial Services Forum Next Generation Summit on 30th May 2022, which asks the question, who are the customers of tomorrow for the financial services sector?

As most brands continue to raise the bar with improvements and updates to their digital functionality, are digital services becoming somewhat of a hygiene factor now - rather than a differentiator?

The simple answer is of course Generation Z.

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are broad cohort with some still at school age and the oldest of which may have been in the workplace for several years. But given they are true digital natives, all growing up with technology and the internet, this generation does have commonalities are a very connected generation – to friends, family and their peers and can easily share their experiences online.

Although they are living at home longer than generations before us and you might think they don’t have as much life experience, the reality is that social media and the internet has meant their ability to network, relate to those close to them but also to those that they’ve never met in person has never been wider. They can tap into new brands at the touch of a button. What does this mean for financial services brands? In a world of connectivity, what do Gen Z look for in financial services providers?

Taking data from Savanta’s weekly consumer omnibus, our State of the Youth Nation dashboard and Savanta’s brand tracking platform BrandVue, watch Zoe Davies and Matt Thomas’s presentation as they take an in-depth look at Generation Z and uncover more about the customer of tomorrow – where they turn to to make their decisions, what trends and values are important to them and ultimately how brands can better relate to them.

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