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What Americans are doing this spooky season

Sadia Corey VP, Client Development 20/10/2021
Almost two-thirds of the American population has not gone or plan to go to a Halloween-themed paid event this season (65%

Last year during the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discouraged trick or treating across the country. In turn, many decided to opt-out of the traditions of knocking on strangers’ doors and parceling out candy to children sprinting from one household to another. With most children under the age of 11 being unvaccinated, a large majority of people, especially those with children, are consciously trying to find ways of celebrating the holiday without compromising the safety of others and those within the immediate family. With that being said, Savanta conducted a survey and found most people will be celebrating Halloween this year somehow, with 74% of Americans participating in Halloween, and of the Americans who have children, 75% of their kids dressing up for Halloween.

With the low risk of the virus spreading outdoors and with most parents vaccinated, trick or treating still feels the most viable option. This pivot back to normalcy also comes with attention to how to prepare for the holiday, including what candy to choose! Of the Americans celebrating the holiday, 54% plan to put out a variety pack for trick-or-treaters, 64% will put out chocolate candy for trick-or-treaters, 41% will put out non-chocolate candy (hard candy, gummies, taffy, etc.). For those generous sorts looking to hand out full-size candy bars, only 36% of Americans who leave out candy for Halloween plan to give away full-sized candy bars.

In terms of choosing what to wear for this day of spooky festivities, it seems fairly split on how Americans purchase their costumes, with 25% purchasing costumes at mass Halloween stores, 24% purchasing online, 21% making their costumes at home, and 16% going to second-hand or thrift stores to get costume pieces. Of those not looking to spend money for the occasion, 15% produce a makeshift costume from their closet, and 19% re-use old costumes already purchased for previous years.

For parents, 54% purchase their child’s costume online, 54% purchase at a mass Halloween store, and 20% make a home-made costume for their children.

However, among those over the hump for trick-or-treating, are major paid venues, pumpkin patches and corn mazes, and spooky-costume parties a theme of the past? Almost two-thirds of the American population has not gone or plan to go to a Halloween-themed paid event this season (65%). Although it seems that many will be celebrating Halloween this year, things are not completely back to normal, with some still hesitant to attend larger events hosted for party goers or Halloween lovers across the city and county.

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