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Virus concerns at an all time high among US consumers

Andrew Trudeau Senior Consultant 30/07/2020

US consumer coronavirus tracker: 30th July

Cases of COVID-19 have risen in the US over the past couple of weeks, a new surge that has driven stricter measures in many states across the country.

Almost half (47%) disapprove of states reopening

Though some parts of America have been getting their number of cases back on track, the constantly evolving situation is causing anxiety, with concerns about catching the virus at an all-time high of 58% among US consumers.

Over the past four months, we’ve seen the expected length of the crisis fluctuate, between 7-12 months on average. However, our new data shows that as of July 21st, US consumers now expect the crisis to go on for almost 15 months – far longer than had been expected previously.

Many believe states should remain closed, in an effort to stop the spread and reduce infection levels. In fact, almost half (47%) disapprove of states reopening, compared to just 28% who say they approve.

Despite restrictions easing on certain activities, Americans are still uncomfortable doing some of the normal activities that would have formed part of their day-to-day life pre-lockdown. The activity people feel the least comfortable with is going to a party, with 56% saying they wouldn’t feel safe. Going to the movies and visiting an indoor mall also rank highly on the list of things that would feel uncomfortable (51% each), along with attending a live event (50%), an amusement park (47%), and travelling by plane (45%).

The few activities in which people are more comfortable than uncomfortable are either necessities or involve minimal contact such as ordering takeout or a delivery.

Though some will have turned to online shopping to get their groceries, there are many who are still bracing the superstores and local shops. When it comes to the most important factors in choosing where to shop, drivers of store choice are clearly shifting. US consumers prioritize grocery stores where staff and shoppers are made to wear gloves and masks, and stores where carts are wiped down in-between uses.

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