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Unrequited love – The unappreciated luxury brands

Out with the old, in with the new? Not according to the wealthiest shoppers. Many are unaware of - or feel indifferent towards - some of the youngest luxury brands.

This past quarter, Savanta’s MillionaireVue revealed interesting insights about UK and US millionaires’ affinity, or lack thereof, for a few notable luxury brands.

For many luxury brands in our tracker – in particular, newer ones – there are very high levels of indifference among millionaires over 55.

Rolex is the most loved luxury brand in both countries – 40% say they ‘love’ the watchmaker, founded in 1905. With reports of a Rolex shortage, plus record auction sales in the UK and US, it’s a great time to both buy and sell.

The top three most loved luxury brands for UK and US millionaires are the same, albeit in a different order:

  • After Rolex, Chanel is second in the UK (35%), but third in the US (34%).
  • Cartier is third in the UK but second in the US (32% and 35%).

Yet in the UK, Chanel is the most ‘liked’ luxury brand (38%). Moreover, in the US, at 60%, Chanel is the most loved luxury brand overall among very-high-net-worth individuals (VHNWIs) – those with at least $5m of investable assets.

VHNWIs’ love for fashion brand Hermès (56%) is behind its overall fourth place US ranking. Meanwhile, London-based department store Harrods takes the fourth spot in the UK, driven primarily by affinity among 35-54s (loved by 37% vs. 26% in other age groups).

The youngest millionaires, aged 18-34, are the most likely in both the UK (39%) and US (over half – 52%) to love Givenchy. The fashion brand is the fifth most loved overall in both countries.

After that, Italian brand Bulgari takes sixth place in the US – but eighth in the UK.

 It’s not you, it’s me…

Lower down the list, love is in shorter supply. It’s not hatred – no more than 6% ‘dislike’ any brand. Instead, the story is one of either indifference, or low awareness:

  • In the US, a third are indifferent to Harrods. That’s unsurprising given its location, but suggests there’s scope to build greater affinity with international customers.
  • Despite having online presence in the US, Selfridges is an unknown quantity for 44% of US millionaires – compared to only 14% for Harrods.
  • Meanwhile in the UK, a third of millionaires feel ‘indifferent’ to Net-a-Porter. However, a third of 35-54s love the fashion brand, implying it has found the sweet spot with an audience witnessing its rags-to-riches rise since 2000.

For many luxury brands in our tracker – in particular, newer ones – there are very high levels of indifference among millionaires over 55. For example, two thirds of those 55 or older are unaware of Net-a-Porter in the US. To enjoy more widespread love from this age group – and others – some luxury brands will need to find innovative ways to win more millionaires’ affections.

Savanta’s MillionaireVue is a quarterly omnibus with c.500 HNWIs in each of the UK, US, and China. For more information, please click here.

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