an omnibus of high-net-worth individuals

MillionaireVue is our quarterly omnibus focused on understanding the world’s wealthiest individuals.

It covers three of the world’s main wealth markets – UK, United States and China and offers brands the opportunity to access, research and understand millionaires across the globe.

Our team of wealth experts draw upon the knowledge of 500 high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in each core market, providing brands with the hard-to-reach audience needed to inform wealth insight to even the most challenging questions that the wealth space presents.

Unlike many other omnibus services, there is no entry fee or minimum number of questions.

Providing insight through market research for luxury brands to inform perceptions and trends to inspire decision making

Key Details:


  • 500 - representative HNWIs per market (UK/US/CN)
  • £1m/$1m+ - investable assets
  • Sample stratified - to reflect wealth distribution in each market


  • Excel tables - questions cut by key demographics
  • PowerPoint charts - questions charted at an overall level
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