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Almost half of people in the UK now self-isolating

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Julian Dailly EVP 30/03/2020

Coronavirus daily tracker: March 30th 2020

More people (47%) claim to be self-isolating now than at any time since we started tracking

85% of the public say they are following most or all of the government’s advice.

The second weekend of coronavirus lockdown in the UK saw fewer of us leaving the house (44%) and 40% of us making a video call on Saturday.

Of those that did go outside, around a quarter (26%) visited the supermarket, and around one in ten (9%) visited friends and family.

For the past 5 days, one in ten (10-12%) people reported not seeing any empty shelves when they visited a supermarket. This is a marked improvement from the 5 days previously.

Worry levels continue to rise

Levels of worry shows no real sign of dipping, with 53% of people still saying that they’re at least very worried about COVID-19.

In terms of financial difficulty, two in five (42%) people say that COVID-19 has decreased their disposable income, up 5 points from a week ago. Half (51%) of people are now working from home when they wouldn’t ordinarily, up 10 points from this time last week.

Attitudes to government advice

Following the news on Friday that Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty had all tested positive for the coronavirus, there has been some fluctuation in their individual approval ratings. However, while the Health Secretary and Chief Medical Officer both saw their ratings drop by six points apiece, the Prime Minister’s remained steady.

While fewer people are watching the daily press conference, 85% of the public say they are following most or all of the government’s advice, up 14% from a week ago. What’s more, 45% are following all the government’s advice – up 14 points from last Monday.

We will be updating our coronavirus tracker daily and weekly as this unprecedented pandemic unfolds. The full data set can be downloaded here. Please get in touch for more information.

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