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How can telecom providers inspire brand loyalty in future generations?

Discover how researching the preferences of upcoming generations, like Gen Alpha, can help position your brand to appeal to these demographics.

Matthew Mann Director 27/09/2023
Download the whitepaper to gain insights on important considerations for marketing products and services to the next generation.
  • What’s important to upcoming generations when it comes to mobiles?
  • What brand elements should telecom providers leverage?
  • Which channels offer the best reach?
  • And how telecom providers can keep the next generation in mind when designing products and services.

Learn how we can help your business inspire brand loyalty in future generations.

Download our our whitepaper here.

“Understanding future generations now will enable telecom brands to position themselves to win long-lasting loyalty. Authentically representing values that appeal to upcoming generations will help brands to avoid looking like they are following the money’ when future generations mature.”

Authors: Josephine Hansom (VP of Youth Practice at Savanta) & Matthew Mann (Director at Savanta)

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