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Contraception Poll – Finestripe Productions – 5 June 2023

A poll of women in the UK regarding contraception.

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Finestripe Productions


Savanta surveyed 4,031 women and 12 non-binary people who were registered female at birth in the UK aged between 16-49 years old who are currently or have previously used contraception. Fieldwork was conducted between 3rd February and 9th February 2023. Data were weighted to be representative of women aged 16-49 in the UK by age, region and ethnicity.

Headline findings

  • More than half of respondents say they are concerned about the possible impact of hormonal contraception on their mental (57%) or physical (55%) health.
  • Seven in ten (69%) of those who have taken the combined contraceptive pill say they generally take a monthly 7-day break, with almost half (48%) saying they do this because you have to.
  • Half (50%) of those who have never used the coil say that fear of pain has influenced their decision not to get it.
  • Three quarters (77%) of those who have taken the pill say they have experienced side effects, with the most common including weight gain (37%), headaches (26%) and lowered mood (26%).
  • Among those who have stopped taking the pill due to side effects, the main side effect that made them stop is depression or anxiety (23%), followed by weight gain (17%).
  • Three in ten (29%) who are currently on the contraceptive pill don’t know the name of the pill they are taking.
  • Four in five (80%) say they have switched their method or brand of contraception at least once.
  • One in five (21%) say the pill has lowered their libido.
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