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Young Women’s Trust surveyed 508 current or recent apprentices aged 18-30, asking questions about their experience of apprenticeships

  • Of those who have completed an apprenticeship 71% are working, with 10% out of work and claiming benefits and 9% out of work and not claiming benefits
  • Whilst over a quarter (29%) of respondents say they are managing very well, financially and two in five (41%) say they are managing moderately well, 22% say they are just about managing and 5% not managing
  • A majority agree that their apprenticeship has taught them new skills (77%), and that they feel proud to be doing/ have done an apprenticeship (77%); however, approaching half (46%) say their apprenticeship was a waste of time

Date Published: 21/11/2018

Categories: Economy | GB | Public and communities | Social

Client: Young Women's Trust


ComRes interviewed 508 current or recent apprentices in Great Britain online between 7th– 14th September 2018, with resulting data weighted by age, gender and apprenticeship level. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

  1. Young-Womens-Trust_Apprentices-Survey_September-2018_Data-Tables_v2 0.02 MB.

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