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University of Leeds, Covid Research – November 2020

Three waves polling UK adults about their experiences during the pandemic and their perceptions of COVID-19 communications.
The University of Leeds commissioned Savanta ComRes to conduct public polling to

·       Understand how people receive, make sense of and act upon communications about the pandemic.

·       Explore different values and personality traits among the public and understand the relationship these had to covid communications.


The first three waves of the survey asked a range of behavioural, attitudinal and lifestyle questions to look at people’s experiences during the pandemic. The surveys also asked what communication about COVID-19 people had come across and how well official guidance had resonated and been understood.


A segmentation analysis found six distinct groups in the population of different cultural and personality types. The university used this to write a report on each segment’s behaviours during the pandemic and their approach to communications.

Date Published: 26/11/20

Categories: Economy | Health | Public and communities | Retail & Consumer | Social | UK

Client: University of Leeds


Savanta ComRes surveyed 3,111 UK adults aged 18+ online in August. Data were weighted to be nationally representative of UK adults by age, gender, region and social grade.


  • Wave 1: 1,040 respondents were surveyed online between 3-7th August
  • Wave 2: 1,057 respondents were surveyed online between 11-13th August
  • Wave 3: 1,014 respondents were surveyed online between 18-21st August


The segmentation used a factor analysis, followed by a K-Means clustering analysis to arrive at a six-segment solution with a predictability level of 91.6%.

  1. Savanta-ComRes_University-of-Leeds_Covid-Research-2020_W1-3-Tables -0 KB.

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