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TSB Small charities research

Poll of 301 small charities on behalf of TSB about charities’ financial situation and fundraising.

  • Currently, small charities rely primarily on grant-making organisations for their funding – 37% say this is their main source, followed by donations from local people (22%). Only 3% mostly rely on local businesses for fundraising.
  • Half of small local charities say that increased awareness in the community (52%) and greater support from businesses (51%) would be of most significant help to them.
  • 51% of small local charities agree that the high number of large national and international charities presents a challenge, while 44% disagree.

Date Published: 20th January 2016

Categories: Business | GB | Professionals | Third Sector

Client: TSB


ComRes interviewed financial decision-makers at 301 small local charities between 25th November and 17th December 2015. The sample was defined as registered independent charities with an annual turnover of up to £200,000 whose work focuses mainly in supporting the local area or region. Data were weighted by broad region to be representative of charities across the UK.

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