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Premier Media Group St George’s Day Poll

St George's Day Poll for Premier Christian Media published 22 April 2011

Date Published: 20 Apr 2011

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7 in 10 want St. George’s Day MADE a Public Holiday

Seven in ten English people, and two-thirds of Britons overall, back calls by the Archbishop of York that St. Georges Day be to be celebrated as a public holiday.

The survey conducted by ComRes, and commissioned by Premier Christian Media, reveals that 69% of people in England, and 64% of people across Great Britain, are in favour of St. Georges Day being a Bank Holiday. Christians were particularly enthusiastic (71%) for the Public Holiday.

According to tradition, St. George was a Roman soldier from Syria Palaestina and a priest in the Guard of Diocletian. Diocletian is said to have been one of the most bloodthirsty of Roman Emporers. St. George was venerated as a Christian martyr because he refused to renouce his faith in God and as a follower of Christ – in a time where Christians where killed for their beliefs.

Earlier this month, Archbishop, Dr John Sentamu sparked debate by writing to Government ministers calling on them to hold official celebrations on 2nd May. This year St George's Day falls on Holy Saturday, which means St George's Day actually moves to 2nd May in the Church Calendar - a very rare event.  However, it means whilst people may choose to celebrate St George’s Day as usual on 23rd April in actuality it automatically moves in the Church Calendar to 2nd May.

Sentamu has been encouraging people to put up their St George’s crosses and celebrate England’s heritage on 2nd May.

Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Media said, “St. Georges Day should offer people the chance celebrate all that is quintessentially of English, as well as educating people about who St. George really was and what he stood for; Christian faith and integrity.”

Editor’s Notes:

ComRes interviewed 2,064 GB adults online between 11th and 13th March 2011. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules (

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