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Hyphen – UK Muslim Attitudes Survey

Most British Muslims optimistic about their future despite the rising cost of living and Islamophobia in the workplace

• Over half (53%) of all Muslims in Britain the UK believe their lives are better today than five years ago, with the number rising to three in five (59%) when comparing their lives with Muslims in other countries in Western Europe.
• Half (51%) of Muslim adults say life overall for Muslims in the UK is better than 5 years ago, while only one in five (21%) say it is worse.
• In keeping with the rest of the country, the cost of living is adversely affecting British UK Muslims, with 54% stating they are worse off when questioned about the affordability of basic household expenses such as bills, food, and fuel compared with 5 years ago.

Date Published: 08/06/2022

Categories: Faith | Public and communities

Client: Hyphen


The poll was carried out by Savanta ComRes, which surveyed 1,503 UK Muslims between 22 April and 10 May 2022. The data was weighted to be representative of UK Muslims by age, gender, region and ethnicity.

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