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NCC Group Cybersecurity Research

Survey of Board Directors at companies with 500+ employees on cyber security on behalf of NCC Group.

71% of UK board directors want companies to be penalised for failing to meet basic cyber security requirements. In what appears to be a sea change in business opinion, over three quarters (77%) believe that regulators should take a tougher stance against companies that are found to have insufficient cyber defences.

Elsewhere in the research, 48% of respondents see cyber threats as a bigger risk to business than market volatility.

Other findings in the report provide insight into how much directors in the UK truly engage with cyber risk. One in five respondents have not conducted a table-top cyber scenario, and 30% haven’t used or read the Government’s resources and schemes to help businesses defend against cyber attacks – such as the 10 Steps To Cyber Security guide, the Cyber Essentials scheme or the Cyber Streetwise campaign.

Date Published: 30/09/2016

Categories: Professionals | Technology & Telecoms | UK

Client: NCC Group


ComRes interviewed 200 Board Directors at companies with 500+ employees between 24th August and 15th September. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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