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ITV News London / LBC London Mayoral Poll April 2016

Survey of Londoners, including mayoral voting intention, on behalf of LBC and ITV News London.


  • Four in five Londoners (80%) say they are worried about a terrorist attack happening in the city, including more than a third (37%) who are very This compares to 67% who are worried about another recession happening, and 57% who are worried about being attacked on the streets late at night.
  • Three quarters of Londoners (73%) agree that keeping London safe from terrorists is an important part of being Mayor. However, the London public is divided about which of the leading candidates would do a better job at keeping London safe: 25% say Zac Goldsmith, compared to 26% who say Sadiq Khan.
  • 63% say they trust the police and intelligence services to keep London safe.
  • There is little difference in the perception of Goldsmith’s and Khan’s characters, with similar proportions of Londoners saying both candidates are “capable”, “extreme”, “trustworthy” and “boring”. The only exception is “passionate”, which slightly more Londoners think applies to Khan (39%) than Goldsmith (31%).
  • In the race to become Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan leads Zac Goldsmith 44% to 37% of first preference votes. This lead – larger than the one seen in the last ComRes poll for ITV News and LBC in March – supports the trend that the Labour candidate is ahead with a month to go.


Voting intention

Sadiq Khan remains ahead of Zac Goldsmith in the race to be Mayor of London. The Labour candidate receives 44% of first round preferences – two points higher than in the last ComRes poll for ITV News and LBC in March. Zac Goldsmith is on 37% – two points lower. While these differences are within the margin of error, it supports the trend that Khan is ahead with a month to go. After second preferences have been re-allocated, Khan leads Goldsmith 55% to 45%.

First round Run-off
Conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith 37% (-2) 45% (-2)
Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan 44% (+2) 55% (+2)
Liberal Democrat candidate, Caroline Pidgeon 7% (+1)
UKIP candidate, Peter Whittle 5% (NC)
Green Party candidate, Sian Berry 4% (-2)
Respect candidate, George Galloway 2% (+1)
A candidate for another party 1% (NC)

Base: London adults likely to vote and expressing a voting intention (n=855). Changes since March.

Date Published: 5th April 2016

Categories: Elections | GB | London Mayor | Politics | Public and communities | Voting Intention

Client: LBC / ITV News London


ComRes interviewed 1,049 adults living in London online from 30th March to 3rd April 2016. Data were weighted to be representative of all adults living in London aged 18+. Data were also weighted by past vote recall to the London result on the 2015 General Election. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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