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Centre for London Brexit survey

Survey of 1,000 Londoners on behalf of Centre for London on the prospects for the capital after Brexit.

  • 59 per cent of Londoners think Government should prioritise staying in the single market, compared to 29 per cent who would prioritise ending freedom of movement in order to reduce EU migration.
  • Half (52 per cent) say that Brexit will have a negative impact on London’s economic growth until 2020 – a figure that rises to 68 per cent amongst young Londoners aged 18-24.
  • 41 per cent of Londoners feel distant from the rest of the UK in the wake of Brexit.
  • Over one in three (37 per cent) feel that negative perceptions of London from the rest of the UK are holding the capital back.
  • Half (51 per cent) of Londoners think that the EU referendum has had a negative impact on social cohesion in London.


Date Published: 16/11/2016

Categories: Economy | Europe | GB | Politics | Public and communities

Client: Centre for London


ComRes  interviewed  1,006  London  adults  aged  18+  between  October  31st  and  November  3rd.  Data  were  weighted  by  gender,  age, region and ethnicity to be representative of all London adults.

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