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Savanta discusses youth market trends at GRN webinar

Josephine Hansom, VP and Youth Practice Lead at Savanta, guided us through cutting-edge insights from our youth market research during a recent webinar hosted by the Graduate Recruiters Network on Thursday.

Josephine offered an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into the perspectives of young people regarding their professional lives and aspirations.

One intriguing aspect considered was the potential depreciation of technological skills acquired today, which experts believe will decrease by 50% or more within the next 5 years. However, we should view this phenomenon differently.

Experts in the field of AI argue that this phenomenon represents significant progress. They believe that despite advances in technology and artificial intelligence, human nature’s intricacies and our capacity for nuanced decision-making will continually defy automation.

Research spanning across 60-plus companies, ranging from marketing agencies to financial firms, revealed a compelling trend. An impressive 92% of employers expressed their preference for maintaining a shorter workweek following a trial programme, and a remarkable 30% committed to making this change permanent.

This shift in working hours resulted in a substantial 71% reporting a reduction in burnout levels, as nearly 3,000 employees can attest.

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