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KYA 2023: Across Generations

Understanding Gen Alpha, Gen Z and Millennials

Josephine Hansom lead an insightful keynote at the 2023 Know Your Audience Conference, guiding us through her expert understanding of Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha, and their interests and expectations.

“Over half of 16-24’s agree with the statement ‘I try to eat as clean as possible’… and interestingly, more young men agree with this statement than young women.”

Know Your Audience Conference 2023

Last Friday, Josephine Hansom, VP and Youth Practice Lead at Savanta, delivered an outstanding keynote at the 2023 Know Your Audience Conference for Independent & International Schools. Josephine shared the stage with a remarkable selection of speakers, all focused on deepening our understanding of prospective parents and improving student recruitment, engagement and conversion.

The event was enlightening, expertly delving into the interests, expectations and needs of Millennial, Generation Z and Generation Alpha parents, as well as the potential impact future technology will have on their lives. Here are some of the key themes explored:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Media
  • Language
  • Workplace trends
  • Health

It was a profoundly informative morning filled with valuable insights and marketing knowledge that will undoubtedly shape and enhance future planning.

Event details:
Date: Friday 20 October 2023
Time: 9:55am GMT
Location: St Edward’s School, Oxford, UK
For more information, see here for details of the full event.

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