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Quantitative insight research

Reach any audience – anywhere, anytime. Who are they and what do they want? With our full range of quantitative market research services, we make it easy to find out.

Our approach

If you need data to make informed business decisions, and want to improve sales long-term by identifying trends, we offer the full range of quantitative research methods.

Our expertise ranges from quick and cost-effective online omnibus surveys, through to in-depth behavioural and segmentation studies. We reach over 100m consumers and business decision-makers in over 95 countries.

We also have our Essentials range, ensuring you can take advantage of our self-service, tech-enabled data collection when you need results quickly.

Our in-house advanced analytics and data science team makes the best use of relevant statistical techniques. Whether that’s conjoint or MaxDiff analysis at the data collection stage, or factor and cluster analysis at the data interpretation stage – we do it all.

Some say it’s about quality, not quantity. We say it’s about both.

Research benefits

Validate your biggest business decisions with robust, insightful, and expertly-designed quantitative market research.

Delivering fast insights

Essentials research is run in-house by our award-winning operations team. Our high-quality operational excellence means results are delivered within consistently quick turnaround times, so you can act faster.

Visualising data and analytics

Track key metrics in real-time with our bespoke dashboard solutions. View your data your way, with infographic-style KPI delivery and detailed trend reports. Helping you to streamline the cost and efficiency of your advanced projects with our in-house data visualisation expertise and smart data analytics.

Reaching global panels

Enjoy unprecedented speed and ease of access to your target market with our unrivalled sample solutions. Reaching over 100m consumers and business decision-makers in over 95 countries, you’re connected to a truly global audience.



The first step you can take is to access our Essentials range, a modular suite of research products offering a low-cost, high-value alternative to traditional research and insights. It provides the same quality and rigour you’d expect – just fuss-free, fast, and flexible.


Measuring customer experience (CX)

Remove pain points, optimise relationships, and grow revenue. We’ll map journeys, find key drivers, and embed new CX principles business wide.


Tracking your brand

Brand tracking gives you the reliable, detailed data you need to stay informed. We can show you the KPIs that suit your business, simplify performance tracking, and deliver actionable outcomes across the marketing mix.



We conduct market segmentation to deliver commercial value by understanding different customer types. This supports growth, expansion, cost efficiency or revenue protection goals.

Research methods





Data collection & analysis

Data collection & analysis

Qualitative research

Qualitative research

Research methods

Research methods

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