Sky Media:
optimising advertisement engagement

Human Made Stories inform Volvo of the value of its partnership.

Sky Media is a British telecoms company, with over 20 million customers across seven countries, Sky is one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment brands.

Sky’s leading entertainment channel is Sky Atlantic, hosting a range of dramas, primarily from HBO and Showtime.

The Challenge

Volvo has been sponsoring Sky Atlantic since January 2014. The latest creative is of three short films, ‘Human Made Stories’ which tell of ‘defiant pioneers’ and are aligned to Volvo’s brand values and innovation.

We have evaluated the short stories and sponsorship idents to understand receptivity and the extent to which they were able to shift brand perceptions and purchase intent. Ultimately, the research aimed to inform Volvo of the value of the partnership and the extent to which it was working.

Our approach

Quantitatively, we measured the change in brand perceptions towards Volvo as well as purchase intent.

Qualitatively, we drilled down into each short story to understand how they were being received. We integrated a range of innovative biometric techniques, combining EEG, ANS biometric data, facial expression and eye tracking to understand why a viewer responded to particular aspects of the content. This enabled us to ascertain people’s true emotions and how each scene performed and contributed to brand perceptions.

The outcome

Our recommendations enabled the creative team to remove content creating negative connotations thus further optimising engagement amongst core audiences. In addition, we have also proved the financial value of the partnership.

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