June 5, 2020

Access insights into the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours of the general public:

Savanta’s Public Omnibus

Sometimes, speed and ease are everything.

That is why we have launched our own public omnibus that runs every Friday across both the UK and US markets at an industry low price-point of £200 per question.

Whether you want to track public awareness and perceptions, or generate PR and media coverage, results will be gathered and analysed over the weekend and delivered on the Monday so that you can start your week one step ahead.

The omnibus has a guaranteed sample size of 2,000 and is nationally representative by over 10 key demographics, including age, gender, region, and ethnicity.

Rigorous participant recruitment and quality control ensure only those respondents who meet our strict criteria can qualify. This permits us to provide you with the highest-quality data, capable of delivering the insight that you require.

Weekly deliverables include:

  • Weekly data file – questions cut by 11 key demographics and tables built to your specifications
  • Weekly PowerPoint summaries – headline key insights summary

Utilising our well-known speed and precision, the Savanta public omnibus is the ideal way to tap into consumer opinions both quickly and cost effectively.

For more information please download our rate card or get in touch with one of the team here.


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