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Which drinks brands do the UK love the most?

BrandVue’s Most Loved Drinks Brands 2022

A new study of 96,000+ UK adults reveals the nation’s most loved drinks brands.

For the third year running, Savanta’s BrandVue Drinks report will highlight the most loved brands across the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks categories.

Brand Love is more than brand scale, it’s about a deeper emotional connection between a brand and the consumer or shopper

The research, which rates the top 100 drinks brands according to their Brand Love score, also highlights the risers and fallers compared to 2021 and includes performance rankings from across all major categories – beer, cider, wine (champagne and sparkling wine), spirits, soft drinks, RTDs, hard seltzers, and no/low alcohol drinks.

By Brand Love we mean affinity on a seven-point scale running from “love” to “hate”. We define it here as top box affinity – the percentage of UK consumers who have heard of the brand who say they “love” it. It’s not just shorthand for big well-known brands, in fact there’s hardly any correlation at all between Brand Awareness and Brand Love.

Of course, there are brands with high awareness and high affection such as Coca Cola, Bailey’s, Tropicana, and Kopparberg. Some of the most established category leading brands in the UK market with wide distribution and big marketing budgets. At the same time there are brands with high awareness but low affection – for example “older” brands like Bells and Martini, or Boddington’s and Newcastle Brown that have lost out to newer ales and craft beers in the beer category.

In addition, there are brands with high affection and lower awareness. As well as champagne brands and malt whiskies, these include some of those brands in lower distribution but revered by many in their category such as Timothy Taylor’s Landlord in ale and Inch’s in cider. It can also include rising stars like Whitley Neill Vodka and Dead Man’s Fingers. The remainder are those with lower awareness and lower affection.

Brand Love is more than brand scale. It’s about a deeper emotional connection between a brand and the consumer or shopper; a bond that makes a brand relevant on a wide variety of occasions and makes it stand out more often at point of purchase. BrandVue’s Most Loved Drinks Brands 2022 ranks the drinks brands that have built and maintained the deepest and most meaningful emotional connections with UK adults.

The consumer insight is based on the opinions of over 96,000 UK adults aged 18-74 across 350+ drinks brands, collected through BrandVue Drinks – Savanta’s market intelligence platform – the largest and most comprehensive brand tracking engine in the market.

Download the full report here for The Top 100 League table as well as more of the latest trends and insights from across the drinks sector.

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