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The UK's Most Loved Charity Brands 2024

2024's most cherished charity is not just touching lives, but seeking cures. Consumers resonate with this charity's commitment to 'cellular' breakthroughs, and culture of care that envelopes both patients & patrons. How can other charities nurture a similar bond with their communities?

Welcome to BrandVue’s Most Loved Charity Brands 2024 – a recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected brands within the third sector.

It is widely acknowledged that the connection people have with charities is fundamentally emotional. This connection may derive from a personal association with a specific cause or a general will to help others, imbuing these relationships with charities with individual significance.

Nonetheless, the bond between supporters and charities works two ways. Much like the roots of a tree that grow deep and wide, providing stability and nourishment.

Cultivating the roots that connect charities and their advocates fosters a robust emotional connection that is deeply meaningful, highly regarded, and stands the test of time.

Within this report we uncover the UK’s most cherished charities, alongside the frontrunners in nine categories: animal welfare, healthcare, children & family, social justice, humanitarian & international aid, environmental conservation, disability, armed services, and mental health.

These rankings are based on 60,000 interviews collected over the past year, through Savanta’s market intelligence platform BrandVue Charities: the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and supporter tracking engine in the market.

So, who’s up, who’s down… and why?

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