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The need for speed

Adam Goddard EVP, Agencies & Growth ventures 09/08/2021

How stronger research partnerships compliment agile operating models

Management consultancies play an integral role in the success of many businesses, supporting clients to reduce costs, reskill, and innovate.

Their ability to adapt to the changing requirements of client’s transitioning needs, especially from technological advances and changes in legislation, helps define their success.

The good news is that research and data collection don’t need to be an expensive and drawn-out affair."

This success is increasingly hard fought, as clients challenge consultancies in terms of accountability, value, skill sets and spend; all complicated by an increasingly fragmented market where specialist boutique agencies and an increasing number of consultants compete.

For businesses in a highly unpredictable marketplace the role of management consultancies is all about helping them to be agile. There is little surprise that those with agile operating models have adapted and performed better in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Some of the most successful organisations of our time – from Google to Apple and P&G have got at least one thing in common. They have fully embraced a culture of research, insight and evidence, and understand the value of its application.

A need for understanding

For many companies commissioning research is overlooked as a means to help inform decision making; often due to lack of time, other budget priorities, a gut instinct or intuition, or simply that what has worked before will work again.

Yet clear strategies, structures, and goals have been a pre-requisite to ensuring that organisations have been able to adapt quickly. Now more than ever embracing data is fundamental to understanding and defining business needs to help make better decisions.

The importance of agility

As business needs have changed, so too has the way research is used to understand and inform clients. Instead of being commissioned as a means to an end, it is embedded in a company’s culture, where it is used to drive strategy.

The good news is that research and data collection don’t need to be an expensive and drawn-out affair. Fortunately, the digital evolution now provides answers quicker than ever; more cost effectively, and in a way that can ensure decision-making is an iterative process whatever your challenge; whether you require it for due diligence, market sizing, acquisition bid support, sustainability, or CSR.

Insight agencies need to provide you with efficiency, great service and knowledge, and we’ve highlighted five key areas to think about when looking for a research partner to ensure fast-turnaround solutions deliver exactly what you need:

  • Audience panels
  • Audience responsiveness
  • Audience quality
  • Survey design and scripting
  • Data visualisation & Analytics

Download Savanta’s full agile research overview here to see how we can help you excel in each of these areas or, get in touch with one of our experts here to find out more. 

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