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Knowledge is king – Winning pitches the smart way in 2021

Adam Goddard EVP, Agencies & Growth ventures 20/01/2021

For agencies and brands 2020 was all about resilience and ultimately survival. Whilst that will certainly apply across the coming months, the need for agility and bravery will become increasingly important.

How do agencies understand their client’s audiences, to ensure they can create compelling ads?

A Savanta survey, in association with Next 15, from autumn 2020 highlighted that just 15% of brands said that their business models will remain the same over the next 12 months. These changes in business models are not just centered around ways of working, a key transformation is how brands take products to market, where 36% believe there will be significant changes.

Whilst we are still in the throes of lockdown with a vaccine roll-out underway, perhaps there is a cause for hope and optimism. What is certain is that in 2021 the pressure to understand ever changing behaviours, remain relevant and, engage with consumers, will remain a challenge for agencies and their client’s brands.

This in turn raises key challenges for agencies as they pitch to win new business or support clients’ plans.

  • How do agencies understand their clients’ audiences, to ensure they can create compelling ads?
  • Have clients provided the necessary data to support the brief?
  • Is there supplementary data needed to inform a pitch?

Data and how agencies use data will be key in 2021 to improve consumer understanding, helping agencies develop creative that navigates the uncertainty and engages in that all important emotional decision-making.

Savanta offers two new agile solutions to help agencies achieve greater consumer buy-in for their creatives across 2021 and win new business.

Savanta Essentials – Pitch Winner

Savanta Essentials provides agencies with a practical range of cost-effective, fast turnaround research solutions to solve key business issues. It offers a simple and powerful alternative to complex and bespoke research.

Pitch Winner helps you to evaluate propositions to inspire confidence in the pitch process. Working with you to craft your simple pitch winning questionnaire (including up to 10 closed questions, in addition to basic screening and display of creatives), Pitch Winner helps you to test and validate ideas to support proposals.

Within as little as 24 hours, Pitch Winner will inform creative development, to ensure creatives engage with audiences. We’ll also bring colour to your pitch through incorporating video-based feedback, all helping you to increase pitch rate success.

BrandVue Essentials

For those lacking data, BrandVue Essentials provides a new, fast and cost-effective way to access up to six months of consumer trend data, across key industry sectors.

Using data from our BrandVue market intelligence programme, we’ve created a fast, simple solution for clients that want data instantly. It gives you the option to build your own custom data set or purchase a pre-made pack that can allow you to answer specific business issues (Pitch packs, brand health packs and customer retention packs).

Our pre-made packs enable you to select your target brand alongside five competitor brands, alongside six months of trend data for each brand & metric, empowering you to make business decisions by putting the data in your hands.

Our Essentials range is a smarter, simpler, and faster approach to research, helping you to make better decisions, inform decision making and achieve faster progress; and ultimately win more business.

If you’d like more information on how our Essentials range can transform your pitch process please get in touch .

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