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Four in ten US consumers purchasing more from independent or small businesses

US weekly consumer tracker: May 7th 2020

The coronavirus crisis and the hard work of essential workers across the world has got us all thinking about small ways in which we can do our bit to help out.

While many industries are taking a hit from the economic repercussions of the crisis, some are actually seeing a boost

Many US consumers are opting to change their usual purchasing habits in favour of supporting more independent or small businesses, with 41% reporting that they have bought more from these types of places.

Worries about the effects of lockdown on balanced food distribution appear to have plateaued, and compared to a month ago, 12% fewer consumers say that stores have scarce supplies.

Consequently, some activities such as purchasing canned goods have begun to decline. From a high of 44% of US consumers purchasing the latter in the last week of March, less than 30% have reported doing so this week.

While many industries are taking a hit from the economic repercussions of the crisis, some are actually seeing a boost.

With movie theaters, bars and restaurants closed, it may come as no surprise that the top three categories showing an increase in spend are in-home entertainment, ordering takeout, and alcohol to drink at home.

Looking ahead: More consumers ready for opening, but will still take precautions

Despite reports that coronavirus is still spreading rapidly, almost four in ten (38%) consumers feel that they are at a low or zero risk of contracting the disease, rating their risk level a four or below out of ten.

In fact, a substantial amount of US consumers (29%) say that they think the worst is over and stores should re-open – a 12% increase over last month.

Nevertheless, US consumers remain cautious. They expect the crisis to last approximately 11 months, and many are still planning on avoiding large gatherings (47%), social distancing (44%) and wearing face masks and/or gloves (37%) after lockdown.

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