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Everyone loves Netflix – except Generation Z

Roger Perowne CEO 28/07/2021

The Top 100 Most Loved Brands Report 2021

Our brand new report on the UK's most loved brands shows that Netflix is the nation’s most loved brand – except for people aged 16-24 where it doesn’t even make the top ten.

Instead, Generation Z loves YouTube the most, and furthermore, TikTok is the seventh most-loved brand for 16-24 year-olds, even though it barely makes the UK’s overall top 100.

Apple and Amazon and our love of chocolate – Cadbury most of all – is what unites us

The findings from our latest BrandVue Most Loved Brands 2021  report, which evaluated more than 2,000 brands, suggest a sharp generational divide in the UK’s online viewing habits: younger consumers are more interested in watching short videos than in bingeing shows and movies.

Their brand preferences reinforce known habits, including the fact this generation spends more time on YouTube on average than any other social platform, would rather stream on YouTube than Netflix, and would rather be a YouTuber than an astronaut.

The Most Loved Brands 2021 report was compiled by market researcher Savanta using its BrandVue reputation tracking tool. It canvassed more than 150,000 UK adults on which brands they loved, as well as rating them against more than 50 criteria including innovative, trustworthy, friendly, stylish and ethical.

Top of the nation’s beloved brands is Netflix, followed by Amazon and Cadbury in second and third spots:

Overall Top 10

1.  Netflix

2. Amazon

3. Cadbury

4. Walkers

5. Coca-Cola

6. Samsung

7. Apple

8. YouTube

9. Google

10. Lindt

16-24 Top 10

1. YouTube

2. Cadbury

3. Magnum

4. Amazon

5. McDonald’s

6. Nintendo

7. TikTok

8. Apple

9. PayPal

10. Pringles

While the UK’s Generation Z is also not nearly as impressed as the rest of the country by world-renowned brands such as Google and Coca-Cola, what those aged 16-24 do have in common with the rest of the UK is their love of online shopping, chocolate and snacks. Amazon is beloved by the whole country, alongside brands like Cadbury, Walkers and Pringles.

The results also found that while the UK as a whole loves Samsung, Generation Z ranks PayPal as one of its ten most loved brands. Younger adults are also fond of the more old-school tech brand Nintendo, suggesting the Nintendo Switch is making great strides among Gen-Z gamers.

The Most Loved Brands top 100 also identified a number of intriguing trends among which brands the UK as a whole loves the most. The overall results showed that in changeable and unpredictable times, the list of the UK’s beloved brands focused most on entertainment and home comfort. The findings clearly mirrored what was top of mind, including:

  • Only two clothing brands made the top 100 and both were sportswear: Nike at number 11 and Adidas at 25
  • There are no travel brands in the top 100 at all
  • Macmillan Cancer Support is the UK’s most loved charity, coming in at number 17
  • Aldi is the country’s most beloved supermarket at number 16, ahead of M&S Simply Food at number 20 and Tesco at number 23.

Roger Perowne, CEO of Savanta, comments: “Everyone else might be bingeing on Netflix, but the younger demographic prefers to get its viewing fix in shorter, sharp bursts. They see being a YouTube vlogger and personality as a legitimate career path and YouTube is where many of their icons and role models are to be found – and that’s reflected in the brands they love most.

“They also adore TikTok and will generally take Pringles over Walkers. The fact that Gen-Z has ranked PayPal in its top ten is eye-opening – it’s one of only two financial services brands in the overall top 100 and the other is Visa at number 96.

“Apple and Amazon and our love of chocolate – Cadbury most of all – is what unites us, even if Gen-Z prefer Magnums to Lindt. And the more traditional food and drink brands are right up there with the glossy new tech companies, suggesting that the times have definitely impacted brand preferences.”

Download Most Loved Brands 2021 report in full, featuring the full list of the UK’s most loved brands here.

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