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Developing successful B2B Brand Tracking Programmes

Discover how our brand tracking research can enable you to take your business objectives to the next level.

Zoe Taylor Associate Director 24/05/2023

We don’t just track brands, we help build them

To cultivate a successful brand is a lot of hard work. At Savanta, we understand the many careful decisions being made to optimise market positioning and what it takes to differentiate from the competition and capture the attention of audiences in a landscape where brand interactions are constantly being disrupted and evolving.

We also strongly believe that B2B brand tracking programmes need to reflect that decision-makers are not completely rational and that decisions and actions are influenced by how individuals think, feel and the actions they then take.

Our approach is enhanced by understanding what people, think feel and do; elements often overlooked in B2B brand tracking programmes.

Whilst our brand tracking programme is built on a fundamental KPI framework covering the entire purchase funnel (from spontaneous and prompted awareness to active consideration), our bespoke approach also captures the more emotional or irrational elements which impact all business decision-makers; covering thinking (rational affinities), feeling (emotional affinities) and how individuals ultimately act.

Our brand tracking research can enable you to…

  • Identify the ideal brand and measure how close you are to this ideal
  • Understand how business decision-makers think and feel, and ultimately what they will decide in the future
  • Understand your brand position within the market; and how you can develop and manage this going forward
  • Assess the competitive landscape, be it your customers, service users or others within the market, and where the ‘white space’ or opportunities lie
  • Keep a pulse on your brand, competitors, and market changes over time

Ultimately, giving you direction on where to focus and improve your brand performance and conversion!

To find out more about why we think B2B brand tracking is so important, our bespoke approach and how we can help you deliver successful brand tracking research, download the full proposition below.

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