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British reassurance: comforting food for troubling times

Roger Perowne CEO 12/07/2022

The UK's Most Loved Brands 2022

Cadbury is once again the king of confectionery in Savanta’s Most Loved Brands 2022 report, placing first in the category for the second year running.

Yet this year, the British brand has also sealed its status as the UK’s Most Loved Brand overall, up from 3rd place last year. Universally popular, chocolatier Cadbury continues to score highly for Brand Love across all age groups.

Refusing to rest on its laurels or rely on classic products, Cadbury has worked hard to offer something for everyone.

So, what’s the secret ingredient?

Partly, it’s likely that in these troubling times we reach out to trusted, traditional brands for emotional reassurance. Founded in Birmingham, for almost 200 years Cadbury has had its (chocolate) fingers on the pulse of public sentiment.

It knows how to give people what they want. Refusing to rest on its laurels or rely on classic products, Cadbury has worked hard to offer something for everyone. For more mindful snackers, there’s new resealable packaging to help ration the chocolate. For vegans, there are new Plant Bars. For the patriotic, there were even special edition Platinum Jubilee treats.

It also knows how to stay true to its roots – Cadbury has a long history of community contribution and philanthropy. This year Cadbury partnered with The Prince’s Trust to help young people succeed, after research showed 2.8 million young people are so affected by doubt, they’ve lost hope for the future. It follows the brand’s work with Age UK since 2019 to address loneliness among the elderly.

Facing a high cost-of-living, the public will expect British brands in particular to prove they’re on consumers’ side. Naturally, they’ll look for affordability, perhaps leaning away from products associated with high luxury unless the price is right. This could partially explain Cadbury rising in our list while Lindt falls – from 10th overall last year, to 26th in 2022.

Elsewhere in our Top 100 League Table, there are other signs that buyers are backing British brands. Another riser in the Top 20 is Robinsons, up four places from last year to 14th. The fruit drink brand, owned by Britvic, also celebrates its 200th anniversary soon, and like Cadbury, holds a royal warrant it can leverage – useful in a Platinum Jubilee year.

Other UK-originating food or drink brands remaining in the Top 20 this year are Walkers, Maltesers, Galaxy, and M&S Simply Food. With supply chain disruption ongoing, the British brand love affair seems set to continue, with many sticking to the comforting sustenance they know best.

The UK’s Most Loved Brands 2022

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