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Are you sending the right signal?

Uncover the power to attract and retain potential customers with your network, and understand the demands of the next generation with our latest Telecommunications Report.

Did you know that 20% of UK mobile users have never changed provider?

A core challenge faced by Telecom providers is the task of attracting potential customers, especially those new to the market yet to establish network loyalty. Achieving this requires a strategic focus on capturing the interest of the upcoming generation.

Keeping ahead of the curve is easier with the right information. Our Youth Practice and under-30s panel are dedicated to understanding the behaviour and preferences of the next generation, offering a unique client proposition sure to empower brands to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our latest report delves deep into the 6 ‘must-haves’ that the future generation is demanding from their Telecom providers.

Josephine Hansom, our VP & Youth Practice Lead, and Matthew Mann, Director & Tech Practice Lead, emphasise the significance of understanding future generations…

“Understanding future generations now will enable telecom brands to position themselves to win long-lasting loyalty. Authentically representing values that appeal to upcoming generations will help brands to avoid looking like they are ‘following the money’ when future generations mature.”
Our Telecom Report is your key to unlocking essential insights that will enable you to engage and inspire, download the report today and gain a competitive edge.

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