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Parliamentary Panels Calendar

We’ve been running our parliamentary and political panels for nearly 20 years, during which time we’ve honed our industry-leading suite. Identifying the drivers of parliamentarians' perceptions, our panels enable businesses in the public sector to devise strategies that will maximise impact.

Olly Wright EVP, Public 24/01/2023

Understanding the ever-evolving political landscape is key to your reputation, policy positioning and engagement activities. Our regular surveys equip you with the insights needed to understand the views of parliamentarians in Westminster, the devolved nations and Brussels.

Our expert consultants provide real value by placing data into proper context and forming evidenced-based recommendations, equipping clients with the insights needed to understand the influence of Parliamentarians over their business operations.

Parliament samples are fully representative and can be split by party, region, length of service, marginality, age and gender, allowing you to explore perceptions in-depth.

Covering all key Parliament events across 2023, click below to download the calendar.

Download the Parliamentary Panels 2023 calendar.

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