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Sunday Mirror / Independent on Sunday Political Poll

Voting intention and political attitudes conducted for Independent on Sunday / Sunday Mirror published 19 September 2010.

Date Published: 17 Oct 2010

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52% of Lib Dem voters at the election say Clegg has "sold out"
40% say they would have voted differently if they had known about Tory coalition

Voting intention figures
Con      37% (-1)
Lab       35% (+1)
LD        15% (-3)
Other    13% (+3)
(Change since ComRes poll for The Independent 7 September in brackets.)
By going into coalition with the Conservatives, the Lib Dems appear to have sold out on their principles
Agree: 52% (41% May)
Lib Dem voters 52%
Disagree: 28% (47% May)    Lib Dem voters 32%
I would have voted differently at the election if I had known that the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would enter into a coalition
Agree: 19%
Lib Dem voters 40%

Disagree: 64%  
Lib Dem voters 47%

I don’t really know what David Cameron stands for  
Agree: 37%  (was 53% in July 2009)
Disagree: 51% (was 42% in July 2009)
I don’t really know what Nick Clegg stands for
Agree: 57%
Lib Dem voters 42%
Disagree: 31%
 Lib Dem voters 47%

("Lib Dem voters" say they voted Lib Dem in 2010. In subsequent questions, "Lib Dem supporters" refers to respondents who say they would vote Lib Dem in a general election tomorrow.)
The spending cuts proposed by the Coalition Government go too far
Agree: 52%
Lib Dem supporters 48%
Disagree: 32%
 Lib Dem voters 37%
The Conservatives have more to gain than the Liberal Democrats by being in the coalition
Agree: 54%
Lib Dem supporters 64%
Disagree: 26%
Lib Dem voters 25%
Replacing student tuition fees with a tax on all graduates
Support: 34%
Lib Dem supporters 41%
Oppose: 34%
Lib Dem voters 27%

Cancelling the schools building programme to save money

Support: 24%
Lib Dem supporters 24%
Oppose: 59%  
Lib Dem voters 59%
Renewing Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet
Support: 24%
Lib Dem supporters 19%
Oppose: 50%  
Lib Dem voters 63%
Building new nuclear power stations

Support: 48%
Lib Dem supporters 45
Oppose: 30%  
Lib Dem voters 37%

Raising VAT to 20%
Support: 26%
Lib Dem supporters 35%
Oppose: 64%  Lib Dem voters 57%
The Government commitment to cuts across spending departments of up to 40%

Support: 43%
Lib Dem supporters 50%

Oppose: 40%
Lib Dem voters 34%
  METHODOLOGY NOTE:  ComRes interviewed a representative sample of 2,028 GB adults online 14-16 September 2010.  This is ComRes’s first published online voting intention poll.  ComRes is running both telephone and online methodologies concurrently and is the only polling company to publish results using both methods.

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