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Premier Media Marginalisation Survey

A survey of practicing Christians on behalf of Premier Christian Media.

Date Published: 14 Nov 2011

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Report on Marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life launched today

New polling reveals that two years on, UK Christians feel more side-lined than ever. 74% of respondents feel there is more negative discrimination against Christians than people of other faiths. This compared to 66% back in November 2009.

UK Christians were asked if they thought that marginalisation of Christians is increasing, decreasing or staying the same in key areas of public life. Back in November 2010 results revealed that more than half (59%) of UK Christians felt marginalisation was increasing in Government. New figures reveal a marked rise to 66%. In other areas of public life; the media and the workplace, results remain more or less the same.

The polling results come as Premier Christian Media Trust (PCMT) launches its report on the Marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life 2007 – 2011, submitted to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Religious Discrimination, Clearing the Ground which started last night. As part of the Inquiry a parliamentary style committee will conduct a series of hearings throughout November inviting relevant parties to submit evidence regarding Religious Discrimination.

Concerned by the increasing marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life, PCMT has been monitoring the situation extensively. The report is the result of evidence gathered from various consultations, regular polling conducted in partnership with ComRes, and soliciting both Christian and public opinion respectively. 
Key findings of the report reveal:

• A significant number of Christians perceive a strong bias exists against Christians in favour of other groups i.e. other religions and those of a different sexual orientation, in British public life.
• The general public, in addition to Christians, believe that the marginalisation of Christianity in public life is increasing and that this is set to get worse in the future.
• There is an inconsistency in the way the Courts apply and interpret equality laws in relation to Christians and fails to recognise the way this conflicts with Human Rights Legislation.
• The media plays an important role in shaping public attitudes towards Christianity.
• Secularism, the rise of Islam and apathy were identified as the greatest threats to the Christian faith.
Peter Kerridge, CEO of the Premier Christian Trust said, "We are pleased to be participating in the Inquiry into Religious Discrimination as it seems Members of Parliament are finally willing to hear the Christian voice, which is being increasingly marginalised in British public life. I hope the findings of the Inquiry will lead to a better balance between equality and Human Rights Legislation regarding Christians and the right to express their faith in all areas of public life. Ultimately this requires the development of a civil culture in which everyone has a right to express their beliefs and opinions without fear of discrimination or prosecution."

Methodology: ComRes surveyed 544 UK Christians on Cpanel between 25th and 31st October 2011 by online questionnaire. Data were weighted by denomination to reflect the composition of the UK Christian population according to the 2005 Church Census. 

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