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Premier Church Image Survey

 A survey of practicing Christians on behalf of Premier Christian Radio.

Date Published: 29 Mar 2013

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Two thirds of practising Christians think the Christian Church needs a new image and a third of them would choose TV advertising as the most effective place to advertise the Christian message, according to a new poll on behalf of Britain’s largest Christian broadcaster.

A massive 66% of the 2,015 adult Christians who took part in a C-Panel survey for Premier Christian Radio said their Church needed a new image, compared with just 14% who thought it was fine the way it is. Over 20% didn’t know.

The vast majority [84%] think the Church is represented negatively in the UK media while only 6% thought the UK media representation was positive. 83% thought the Church was unfairly represented in the UK media.

Just under a half of the practising Christians questioned [42%] thought that the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will improve the image of the Church while 3% said he would worsen the image.

45% thought a well-known public figure or celebrity would provide benefit to any advertising campaign on behalf of the Christian Church with 34% disagreeing. Just over a fifth [21%] didn’t have a view.

But a parallel listener poll on Premier Christian Radio reveals that Usain Bolt would be the ideal choice if a celebrity figure were to be used in an advertising campaign to improve the image of the Christian Church.  Close runners up in the listener poll were Bear Grylls, Denzel Washington, and David Suchet.

ComRes interviewed 535 practising UK Christians online between 18th January – 4th February 

2013.  Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all practising UK Christians.  
ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.


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