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A new ComRes poll for ITV News show that the majority of Britons (55%) think that David Cameron is acting cowardly in trying to avoid TV debates with the other leaders. This follows the news that David Cameron has said he will not take part in TV debates ahead of the general election unless the Green Party is also included. Indeed, half (50%) of Britons think Mr Cameron is just using the Green Party as an excuse to avoid TV debates with the other leaders.

There is a greater desire among the public to see Nigel Farage included in the debates than Natalie Bennet. Half (50%) think the Green Party leader should be included in the TV debates, while 62% say the same of Mr Farage.

However, two thirds of Britons (67%) think that it is important that the debates happen.

Tom Mludzinski, Head of Political Polling at ComRes said: “David Cameron’s insistence that the Green Party be allowed in the TV debates appears to be backfiring, and he is beginning to look cowardly in the public’s eyes. The Prime Minister risks coming off worse by avoiding the TV debates than he would by appearing in them.”

Date Published: 13/01/2015

Categories: Politics | Public and communities | UK

Client: ITV News


ComRes interviewed 2,056 British adults online between 9th and 11th January 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+.

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