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G15 Housing Association MPs survey

A survey of Members of Parliament, conducted on behalf of G15.

Date Published: 02 Feb 2010

Categories: Policy Makers | Social | Third Sector | UK


G15 Housing Association MPs survey 2008

London’s MPs’ Improving view of Associations

London’s MPs’ perceptions of housing associations on key issues have significantly improved over the past year, according to new research.  The research was commissioned by the G15 group of leading London Housing Associations to assess MPs’ views following an intensive programme of meetings with the capital’s MPs

The survey compared results with a similar survey  carried out in July 2008, immediately prior to G15 commencing its meeting programme, and it found that MPs are now more positive about many aspects of housing associations’ work.  Overall, 74% of respondents rate the value of the work done by associations as either 4 or 5 out of a possible 5, compared with only 58% on the earlier survey.  Looking at activities in more detail, 70% of MPs believe that associations are “fairly” or “very successful” in managing the nominations process and 75% give the same rating on how well they undertake repairs and maintenance.  And 50% of the MPs now say that associations’ Social Investment Programmes are fairly or very successful, up from only 19% who had given that rating 16 months earlier.

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