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Delta Airlines Business Travellers Survey 6 April 2011

An online survey of 2,000 business travellers in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

Date Published: 05 Apr 2011

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Respite in the Sky as Business Travellers Escape from the Real World

 European business travellers value reading, relaxation and sleep on lengthy flights, new Delta Air Lines survey concludes

LONDON – April 6 2011.  European Business travellers are turning to corporate business flights as a respite from the pressures of daily life, providing a rare opportunity to unwind rather than simply just a means to get to the next corporate meeting, according to a new survey commissioned by Delta Air Lines 

When asked, the vast majority of business travellers in the UK (93 percent), France (94 percent), Germany (88 percent), and Spain (91 percent), place a high value on being pampered by the in-flight crew before settling down to the latest movie or good book during their flight.

The survey, which was conducted by international market research firm ComRes, asked travellers about their habits and choices when it comes to flying, including the use of technology and their booking preferences.

“The survey results highlight some of the key trends for Europeans flying for business purposes,” said Perry Cantarutti, Delta’s senior vice president Europe, Middle East and Africa. “More than anything else, it indicates that travellers want to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and unwind on their flights. And when it comes to deciding which carrier to fly with, business travellers want a well-timed, frequent schedule at a competitive price and quality business class product offering.”

The most popular way to relax among survey respondents was reading (UK, 64 percent), (France, 63 percent), (Germany, 72 percent), (Spain, 63 percent), followed by sleep (UK, 57 percent), (France, 56 percent), (Germany, 61 percent), (Spain, 56 percent) and watching a movie (UK, 56 percent), (France, 54 percent), (Germany, 44 percent ), (Spain 53 percent ). 

The majority of travellers surveyed in the UK (72 percent) and Spain (62 percent) said the primary reason for choosing an airline is the ticket price. However, 61 percent of Spanish business travellers say that the schedule and network of an airline are also important. And business travellers in Germany and France cited schedule and network as their No. 1 reason (70 percent and 63 percent respectively).

More than half of business travellers across Europe prefer to book their tickets using online travel sites (UK, 71 percent), (France, 58 percent), (Germany, 64 percent ) and (Spain, 62 percent).  The survey also highlighted how European business travellers are relying more on technology to further alleviate the stress of travel, turning in particular to smartphone applications such as weather updates and travel maps to support their trips.

ComRes surveyed 2,000 business travelers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain online between 11 and 21 March 2011. Respondents have traveled by plane for business purposes at least once in the last 12 months, with most taking 1 to 5 flights per year. In each country, around half of the sample has taken transatlantic flights. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.


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